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Chex Quest Prequel - before the Flemoid Invasion
« on: August 29, 2019, 11:19:49 PM »
So you've seen the intro to Chex Quest on CD-ROM, set a week after the Bazoik disaster, causing the Flemoid alien cells to grow and feed on fruit and vegetables, but did you know that a Flemoid ship caused the whole invasion to begin? Here is the prequel set before the intro, and here it is.

           In the distant future, there is a galaxy that isn't far away from our own. It is called the Cereal Galaxy. It is composed of 8 planets based on cereals. They are Trixaturn, Cinnamars, Lachiecherm, Mercookie, Bazoik, Chexupiter, Cheeriotell, and Kixerall. and they are orbited by the Cereal Sun. The Galaxy were at war with the evil rival cereals back in the past, but now the planets' peace is now guarded by the Intergalactic Federation of Cereals. The IFC is an intergalactic organization that unifies the Cereal Planets and led by their leader Kayla Chexrene - but something happened, in Bazoik.

           Recently, Disaster has struck on Planet Bazoik when an unidentified alien ship from another dimension hit a volcano near the Nutritional Research Development facility. the Cereal people were almost quiet until the volcano exploded for no reason. The volcanic rocks hit the space and turned into asteroids, hitting spacecraft from other planets. The people saw the explosion and they need to evacuate. Meanwhile on the research facility, one of the Chex workers saw the exploding volcano and told everyone to escape. The facility however became quiet after all of the workers escaped - because the facility might get hit. More rocks hit the rest of Bazoik later on.

          Days later, the volcano stopped exploding, and for no reason, green aliens came out from the rocks. The aliens saw water and came out growing and started to feed on fruit and vegetables in Bazoik. The people were scared that they eat their nutritional source, so they relied on junk food as replacement. One of the rocks even later hit a cavern and the aliens in it got multiplied. One of the aliens even grown into a huge wall!

          The rocks in the Nutritional Facility however also spawned the same alien lifeform that for no reason, keep on growing and growing until the whole facility was took over. The Arboretum, where the fruit and vegetables grow, was closed for no reason because the aliens might took over it.

          The IFC knew of the incident, so they formed a cereal research team of 15 to investigate the rocks that hit the planet. Upon their arrival to Bazoik they are greeted with a surprise alien goo attack! The research team decided to run away and hide because their weapons never had an effect on them. On the way to the caverns, some kind of aliens showered them with their green slime and and with their normal weapons having no effect on them, nine got trapped, but several members survived and carried one rock that had some aliens, then they escaped. One of them that survived is the scientist that had the rock.
With no return, the connection to the IFC was cut by the alien goo and the nine got trapped because the room with the rock that they found later got blocked by a huge green wall that they call it - Flembrane.

          In Chextropolis on the planet Chexupiter, a Chex man named Fred Chexter, heard of the incident on Bazoik, and with no choice he decided to take the fight against the alien lifeform. With a sense of justice and will ti fight, he enlisted in the IFC's Chex Squadron. The training is very hard, but he passed it with flying colors and because of that, he is called Chex Warrior. He fought battles with the green aliens and his reason to fight is to save his people from the Flemoids.

          And so the Chex Quest begins.....
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