Author Topic: Idea: Chex Quest Online Sprite Resource. Let the Spriting Carnival Begin!  (Read 2478 times)

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(I've been full of ideas the last couple of weeks for some reason.)  8)

Do you have some sprites you made for Chex Quest that you would like to donate to the CQ community?

Would you like to make them freely available for others to use?

Would you like to see your creation in somebody's mod, and maybe your name in the readme file?

Well ...

I am considering starting an archive similar to my existing skin archive, The Epidermis Emporium, except specifically dedicated to sharing Chex Quest sprites for use by the commuity.

Post your sprites here, and if there are enough of them, I will build the site, making them available to all.

There is the question of credits and permissions, of course. Include the following information:

Can users use your sprites freely (public domain), or do you want users to give you credit?

If you want credit, how do you want to be credited?  Do you want to be credited by your web name (i.e. Chex_Spritxorz96) or do you want to be credited by your real name (i.e. Bruce Todd)?

Is the sprite from one of your mods? (i.e. The Flem Pool Incident) Do you want the mod mentioned if it is used in a new mod?

Is it okay for users to create altered versions of your sprites? (i.e. changing your floor lamp into a red version with three lights instead of one, or taking the head of your Flemoidus Snuffleupagus and sticking it on the body of a quadrumpus to make a new flemoid, or drawing a scope on your new zorcher.)

Let the spriting carnival begin!

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Might not be genuine sprites, but you are free to use any of the textures I've posted in my topic.


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