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[D4D Addon]Doom(4) For Chex Quest 3
« on: August 12, 2016, 04:38:37 PM »
Crossposted from ZDoom Forums.

Before you ask, yes, i do have DBT's green light to share this.

This addon, once loaded AFTER D4D in an UPDATED G/ZDOOM DEV BUILD with Chex 3 will allow you to play the IWad with the D4D things, you can already load D4D with chex quest but where's the fun in that?

-Revised Bestiary, all flemoids are updated to be like D4D's enemies:
-Flemoidus Commonus: Behaves likes the D4D zombieman.
-Flemoidus Bipedicus: Behaves like the Shotgunguy.
-Armored Bipedicus: Behaves like the imp.
-Flemoidus Quadrumpus: Shoots 4 projectiles at once.
-Flemoidus Stridicus: Has a projectile assault, may be removed or changed if it's too OP, it doesn't have the Demon's front armor.
-Larva: A small and fast melee enemy.
-Flemoidus Cycloptis: A flying enemy with the attacks of the shotgunguy, only shoots 3 projectiles at once.
-Cycloptis Ultricus: Behaves like the Cacodemon.
-Flem Mine: The same as the terrorist souls.
-Flembrane: If you're close, it will do a shotgunguy-attack, at middle range it will shoot plasma like an arachnotron, if you're too far it spawns Flem Mines.
-Maximus: Has the projectile attacks of the Baron and a close range flamethrower from the hell mancubus.
-Flembomination: Currently behaves like the Spider Mastermind, which may be unfair seeing how you fight this thing in a long corridor.
-Lord Snotfolus: Based on the cyberdemon, it can do the charged attack of the Baron, a cybermancubus acid assault ending with a baron ball or a barrage of flem fire, either high or low.

-Replaced Chex's stuffs with D4D's, now you wont see zorchers or their ammo, just D4D guns and their respective ammos, armor and health are also replaced, along with a few powerups.

-Revised the end text for each episode, to fit them within the D4D mood.

-A new cvar, user_GibAll, default enabled, when enabled, all flemoids explode on death, when disabled they only explode when they reach xdeath conditions, this cvar can only be changed by console for now.

-Compatibility with the use classic monsters setting, though their decorate may be broken, they'll be fixed later.
D4D ZDoom Forum Thread YOU NEED THIS

-The D4D Team, for obvious reasons, all the glory goes to them.
-LAZ Trooper(Vector Chex Logo).
-Me for sitting through this.

I learned a lot about making decorate behavior with cvars and improved my knowledge of anonymous functions, i hope you have fun blowing stuff up in Bazoik!


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