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« on: January 18, 2019, 08:03:48 PM »
Hello, fellow Chex warriors! Your site says that I should post here, so I did. I  first came across Chex Quest last April when doing a search for "best doom clones" as really enjoy this style of gameplay. I have previously played both of LucasArts' 90's shooters, Star Wars: Dark Forces and Outlaws. I was a little skeptical at first I mean, who would expect a game from a cereal box to be this good but just a few minutes in I knew this would be one of my favorites. I've beaten the first two games, am currently stuck on E3M3 (It's been a month now! I'm gonna beat it tomorrow morning, or get slimed trying!), have played a few deathmatches with my brother, and am hoping to get a friend to play. (He's a Mac user, so I can't just send him the link on Chukker's site.) My favorite things in life are learning and adventuring, which Chex Quest lets me do through the extensive modding capabilities and the gameplay itself. I also love studying history, especially that of the 20th century; and anything science-related space and electronics being my favorites. Some other games I enjoy are the Halo trilogy, Minecraft, the Metroid series, and Team Fortress 2. I look forward to seeing more from you guys here on the forums, and would really like to help complete The Ultimate Chex Quest.
Remind me Avengers Infinite Warfare was about the Justice League teaming up with the Galaxy Quest crew to stop that Thanos guy from Fortnite from collecting the 7 chaos emeralds and activating the Ark, right? Really is the boldest crossover in film history.

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Re: Hello.
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2019, 01:18:25 AM »
Hello there! Great to see new faces! :whale


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