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Title: One Old Game Idea, Plus One New One
Post by: Boingo the Clown on May 24, 2017, 09:49:27 AM
Here are two multiplayer ideas for a DooM/Chex Quest game. The first one is old, and has been suggested before. The second one is new.

Old Idea: "Suicide" Deathmatch

I was telling darkstone about this last night.  I posted this idea before, three years ago, but it was not implemented.

The rules are simple:

One randomly selected player is designated as "suicidal". The suicidal player's goal is to kill himself before any of the other players kill him. Each time he successfully kills himself before he is killed by another player, he gets a point.

However, there is a ten second delay between the time the suicidal player spawns and when he can commit suicide. During that time, he must avoid incoming fire from other players.

The goal of the other players is to kill the suicidal player before he commits suicide. Each time one of the players kills the suicidal player, that player gains a point.

The first player to reach 10 points wins. (Ten successful kills by one of the regular players, or ten successful suicides by the suicidal player)

Old thread where I suggested this before:

New Idea: Dodge Ball

This is the same old game we all used to play as kids.  There is a team on one side, and a team on the other side. There is only one weapon, the ball, which doubles as both the weapon and the ammo. The ball can bounce, but if it stops, hits a wall, or hits a player, it despawns and spawns the pickup version of itself, so players can pick it up and throw it again.

When a player is hit by the ball as a projectile, that player is out.

Game play continues until all the players on one side have been eliminated.

That is the basic idea, although there can be many variants. For example: Back in school we used to play a version where after a player was hit, he would be sent to  a narrow strip behind the other team's area. From there he would continue to be able to grab the ball and throw it at the enemy team, despite being out. In another variant, any player who was hit would be forced to switch to the other team, until all the players were on the same team, ending the game.

Also, I am certain we can create a lot more variation with different arenas, rather than the plain old square school gym we used to play in as kids.
Title: Re: One Old Game Idea, Plus One New One
Post by: DestroyedEDGE on May 24, 2017, 05:20:29 PM
Nice idea, Boingo!