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Title: Playing chex quest
Post by: patddfan on March 13, 2019, 06:56:46 PM
Hi guys, I was wondering if its possible to play chex quest on an operating system other than Windows/macOS? I'm specifically curious if you could somehow import the chex quest game into the Doom game for xbox one, and if there's a version that works on an iphone. That would be cool if it existed
Title: Re: Playing chex quest
Post by: Awesomedude249 on March 13, 2019, 10:06:54 PM
Not sure about xbox, but I know there is an app for iOS called Gameception that you can load the chex.wad file in. There are probably other alternatives, but that's the only one that comes to mind.
Title: Re: Playing chex quest
Post by: ChelonianEgghead on May 07, 2019, 09:12:26 PM
No idea how this thread got under my radar (there aren't that many lol) but it's not yet two months, so I'll put in my two cents' worth. If by "the Doom game for xbox one" you're referring to DOOM (2016), then no, that is not possible, as it uses a vastly different game engine. Chex Quest was based on the original Doom from 1993, though, and since Doom (1993)'s source code was released it has been compiled to work with pretty much every platform under the sun, (and Sun's Solaris lol). Surprisingly, though, there are no source ports of Doom for modern consoles (except the Switch, but that thing's really just an admittedly fancy tablet.) This means that you can't run Chex Quest on them, but there is at least an Xbox 360 version of Doom that I think can run on the XBOne, just without mods like Chex Quest.