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Title: Wild Cuisine!
Post by: Boingo the Clown on May 26, 2020, 03:10:27 PM
There are wild things you can eat, even things close to home.

After spending some time on my hands and knees in the park, I cooked up the first big recipe for this year ...

Dandelion Fritters (Deep Friend Dandelions)


This recipe is simple.

Pick dandelion flowers.  Rince them. Remove any stems, and that little Kermit the Frog at the base of the flower. Be careful not to remove too much, or else the flower will fqall apart.

Put some oil on to heat.

Mix some flour with a little bit of salt in a bowl.

Beat 2 or 3 eggs in another bowl..

When the oil gets hot (Mine got too hot, and started to smoke.  Please don't do that.),  start dunking each dlower into the egg, then dunk it in the flour.

Drop the flowers into the oil to deep fry them.  It doesn't take long.

Remove each of the flowers when they turn golden brown.

Hope your friends and family don't eat them all first.

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That's it for dandelions for now.

The next big thing in about a month is Boiled Cattail Flowers!