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Forum Games Rules
« on: February 28, 2009, 05:28:01 PM »
These are rules specific to Forum Games. I will be enforcing these rules here, as I am the local moderator.

1. Any topic that has less than 10 posts in it and is on page 2 will be locked and sent to the Archive. Any topic that has less than 15 posts on page 3 will be locked and archived. Any topic with less than 20 posts on page 4 will be locked and archived. 25 for page 5, 30 for page 6, etc...

2. Any game created in Forum Games must be a real game. I or another moderator will determine which games are actual games.

3. The SPAM rule is applied here. If you see SPAM, report it!

4. The bumping rule does not apply here.

5. All other Board Rules apply!
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