Author Topic: Replica's GZDoom Guide 2. Creating sectors, and linedefs.  (Read 2508 times)

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Replica's GZDoom Guide 2. Creating sectors, and linedefs.
« on: April 14, 2009, 04:39:02 PM »
Alright, first to start, this is the second of my GZDoom guides. If you've just began, I suggest taking a look at my Guide 1, or you can check it out for referance of the tools.

I couldn't fit it into the topic name, so here's a list of what I'm teaching. If you already know this, then you should move onto Guide 3. (When made.)

1.) Making a wall. (Linedefs)
2.) Making a room. (sectors)
3.) Combinding sectors.

First off, we'll want to load Doom Builder, and then load our wad from last guide (if saved). If you didn't save it, then you'll have to do some of Guide one again. Create New map. Name it E1M1, and use the GZDoom config. You'll also have to go and specif the engine and 3D mode and things by clicking "F5".

If you did save it, then good for you. You won't have to do anything in the last guide. Now that You've loaded, you'll want to click on the Linedef button, or this button. Now, hover over the grid, and click "insert". You'll knotice a dot on the gird, it's called a vertex, which is the left to the lindef tool, I'll talk about it a little later. Move your curser from the vertex, you'll see a line moving along with it, and it's connected form the vertex. You'll also knotice that it has a number in the middle of it. This is the length of the line, so we want it at 256. So, make a down line, strait down. (Pull you curser down the grid. Don't worry, the grid moves once you have you're vertex on you screen.) So, move it down, strait untill you get to 256, then click, you'll see that it attaches to the grid, but it should still have a line that's now on the new vertex created. We want to make a box, so lets do that. Move you line to the right (or left) and make that to 256, and then click, after that move it up to 256. If done right, the first vertex you made should be alined to the last one made, and there should be a "U" made. What you want to do now, is move the line to the first vertex  made, and click on the first vertex. You should lose the connection to the line, and there should be a white box that appears.

If done right, it should look like this, only white.

Congrats! You made your first Room/Sector. To practice this, we're going to make 5 more sectors! Be sure to do this! For I'm going to expand on it.

Make 4 sectors on the outside of the first sector we've made. The size should be 32X32. Now create a 128x128 box in the middle of the first sector. It should look like this when finished.

Well, you've pretty much mastered Sectoring! Now we're going to move the small sectors! Use the Vertex tool, the one to the left of the linedef tool, and right click on the blue vertex on the top left of the bottom right sector. Now, as long as you hold the right click down on that vector, you can mov it. We can place it on any line, but we're going to place it on the bottom line of our main sector, like so.


Vertices can cover over linedefs, and can also be put to another vertex. Like this.

But, Line defs must NOT overlap vertices. You'll get an error in your map, having to destroy most of it to get the error fixed. I'll explain some time later. Now, do as the picture does, and let go of the right mouse click, then you're going to move it up to line on the right side of the main sector. We'll also make it  more square-ish too. So follow this picture.

Now, if you followed this correctly, then it should look like this.

BUT GACK! We don't want to do that! O_O Sorry.. umm yeah... I'm meant to do that. <_< >_> Because we've got a chance to use the Undo button!

So, click undo, untill we're back to the moving of the sector that made our mistake... purpose mistake... yeah...

So, no we'll do the same thing, but this time we're going to use the vertew tool, so click on it, the one left to the linedef tool. Now right click on the bottem linedef.. anywhere, just not on any vertices. You'll get a new on like so! BTW, I moved the one on the left so I can fit the new vertex in better.

Now do this step, but we'll have to leave our new vertex alone!

So, now it should look like this. This picture also tells you to move your new vertex to the right... so do that.

Congrats. Well, you should do the same with the top sector too. The one on the top right, to look that same as the one on the bottem left. Anyway, this guide will continue onto Guide 3. Sorry, I didn't think this would take this much space! SAVE your map too!
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Re: Replica's GZDoom Guide 2. Creating sectors, and linedefs.
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2009, 07:28:14 PM »
Ah, now this is better than your other one. The diagrams help.  ;)
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Re: Replica's GZDoom Guide 2. Creating sectors, and linedefs.
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2009, 11:57:00 PM »
yours is a LOT better than the guide I used to learn db  8)

Nice work!
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