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Replica's GZDoom Guide 3: Textures and objects.
« on: March 13, 2010, 07:41:41 PM »
Wow, it has almost been a year since my last guide! Sorry guys.

First off, if you haven't already, begin reading the first guide which you can find here. Now that you've done that, we can continue on with this guide. Unfortunately, I don't have the previous map we built in the past, but this is a great opportunity to test what we've learned.

------ About Doom Builder Two ------

Before we continue with the guide, a lot has happened since my previous guide. It has been a very long time, and Doom builder two has come out between this and the previous guide. I'm choosing to continue this guide with Doom Builder, because some people might not be able to run DB2. The transition to DB2 is rather easy if you know DB1 anyway. Well, now I'm getting a strange error, so my computer refuses to run DB1 without problems, do I'm using DB2.... But I'll explain it as if I was using DB1. Just don't freak out if you see that my map has textures between it's sectors.

------ The Guide ------

Finally, we are to the guide. First begin a new map with the settings from the previous guides. First, lets start be creating a 256 by 256 sector. (A sector where all the linedefs are 256 long. Also, make sure you are in Linedef mode.)

(Ignore Texture inside sector)

Now we're going to create 128 by 128 sector in the middle of sector 1.

All right, there was a point to that, which I'll explain. Right now, it requires two sectors to enter 3D mode. Click "W" to enter 3D mode if you wish. This is an easier way to edit textures, but first I'll teach you the easy way. Right click on the southern lindef of the larger sector. You should get a box, this is where we change the actions of the linedef, but I'll go into that in a later time. Right now we're going to edit the texture of the wall, so click on the tab that says "SideDefs".

Mine looks different, but that is because of DB2...

Now, when you clicked on it, you should get something that appears to be like this...

Now to explain this.

A linedef has two sides, front and back. The front is all we have here, because the one we clicked on is a sidedef. It is the only side that faces into a sector, so it is the only one with textures. Overall, back and front is pretty self explanatory. Now I'll explain Upper, middle, and lower textures.

Upper is, if the ceiling is lower then the sector it is facing, the texture that fills the top part. Lower, is pretty much the same, only if the sector it is facing is lower then the ground. Middle is the one we want to use first. It is the texture between upper and lower. Or basically the texture that fills the gaps. If the linedef is a sidedef, then it'll fill the entire wall.

Clicking on the texture that appears above the middle def, there should be a box that is opened. You can scroll down to find the texture you want. If you want to do it easier, then don't use the box that you just loaded and type the name of the Texture in the smaller type box under the middle texture. Here is a picture...

You can use whichever texture you want, but to be less confused, I insist you use texture "CJMINE02".

Congrats, you changed the texture! Now we'll have to change the rest of the sectors to fit. Click on the left side with a left click, you should highlight it, now hold down shift and click the right lindef. You should of highlighted both. Now right click on one of the highlighted, and edit its texture as you did before. (Use the "CJMINE02" Texture.)

Congrats again, you have now textured both of the highlighted linedefs! You have almost entirely textured the room.


This is extremely important. Click on the "things" button, you should of learned this from guide 1, so go back and check if you have to. Now, this works just like a vector in placing. You simply right click and one will appear, so place a thing in the middle of the map. A box should appear now, but if not, right click it.

This looks a little different since I'm using DB2.

First off...

This is extremely direct. Right now DB aromatically chose the player. You can go on through this though, and choose different things. Make sure you go back to the Player though. The action tab will be expanded on later.

This picture shows the Flags of the thing.

Easy - Appears on easy
Medium - Appears on Medium
Hard - Appears on Hard (To make it harder, you should remove the Easy and Medium so the Flemoid appears only on hard.)
Deaf - Doesn't notice the player until the player is seen. (Doesn't react to noise)
Dormant - I'm not really sure, I think this means the flemoid won't react at all, and will be as a statue.
(The classes) - Hexen stuff....
Single Player - Appears in Single player
Cooperative - Appears in multiplayer
DeathMatch - Appears in a DeathMatch
Translucent - The Flemoid is see through
Invisable - Can't see the Flemoid.
Friendly - The Flemoid is your friend, and will fight with you. (You can still kill it though.)
Frozen While inactive - You can activate objects with scripts. I'll do this later.

This is the direction, pretty self explanatory. Up faces up, down faces down, left faces left... etc. Now the box that has 90 in it is the degrees.


(Note, you can go between also to get between those directions...)

Finally, click OK. Now you can click the Green arrow button to play! This is the end of this tutorial, and the next I'll hopefully get done before next year! Make sure you save the map, as I will too, for next time!
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