Author Topic: Replica's GZDoom Guide 4: Sector Heights and Lighting  (Read 1437 times)

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Replica's GZDoom Guide 4: Sector Heights and Lighting
« on: March 17, 2010, 06:09:35 PM »
Haha! I'm making this before next year! :P

First off, if you haven't already, begin reading the first guide which you can find here. Now that you've done that, we can continue on with this guide. This time I have the previous map that we made on the last Guide, so lets continue on that! I wanted to do this on 3D mode, but I realize there are still basics to be applied. Also, the same thing happens to me in DB1, so that means the same as the previous guide.

You'll Learn

Basic Lighting Effects
Changing Heights of ceiling and floors

------Sector Heights------

Yes, this is exactly how it sounds! We're finally going to learn how to move floors and Ceilings up and down! I don't mean that in a literal bouncing up and down motion, I'll get to that in a later lesson. So, load up your map, and begin making a few new sectors as follows....

A 128 x 32, 6, or 8. (Preferably in this lesson a '32') Not that this will come in hand during this guide, rather a future guide.
A 640 x 128, and in it 64 x 128

Your map should look like this, or something like it:

We want to right click the 64x128 now. (Make sure you are in sector mode! In sector mode, you can easily click on the whole sector just by moving your mouse right in the middle of it and right clicking.)

First off, a box should appear when you right click on it. It should look something like this:

Remember, my box will look different because of the DB1 problem.

Using this box, you'll see the two texture side by side. These are the textures of the floor and ceilings. To change them is simple, click on them, and you should get the same reaction as you would with the walls. (Texture lists...)

Ceiling is on the right Right. For this particular sector the ceiling should be CEIL3_2 (The rest will be F_SKY1, not, we'll fix the light texture in the air later...)
Floor is on the Left. (Make the Texture CJFMINE1)

Now it is time for the next important step! We're going to move ceiling up one! Lets do this!

This is what we want! You can type to change the height, or you can use the up arrow. This may come to be a shock to you, but pressing the up raises the sector, and pressing down lowers it. Here is a couple fun facts for you!

Moving the sectors with the arrows goes on a basis of '8's. Textures are usually 128 high, and 128 to 64. It usually best to go by 128s when building.

Now that you've done that, you're ready to edit the walls of the sector. So click on the sector then go into Linedef mode. Now all you need to do is right click on of the linedefs.

Now go into sidedef tab, make sure you right clicked.....

You'll see on my version there is a Warning sign, but on yours there won't be. (I think anyway) Click on that one though, and load the "CJMINE02" Texture.

Now we're going to edit the sector again, only this time we're working on the light of the Sector.

Go back into sector mode, and right click on the whole sector. Notice the "Brightness" bar, which works the same as height; only it can go from 0 being the darkest, to 255 the brightest. We're going to change it to 255!

Now what we're going to do is make lines such as these red ones I made here:

If you do it right, you should of created five new sectors. (NOTE: You can exit linedef mode by right clicking.)
What we're going to do now is delete the four on the edges. Hold the shift feature and click all four, then hit the "Delete" key.

Now we're going to lower the new sector down one, change the ceiling to "CJFMINE1", and add textures to the previously deleted walls. What we just did was attached the light to the roof, instead of having it float off. I'll teach more in a "advance lighting" guide. (Blinking lights aren't apart of that.)

Remember detail is extremely important to all mods. Little details make the game easier to look at, and adds more of a good well built mod feel.

Well, that is it for this guide! Hopefully next time I'll get to either Action lines or 3D mode.
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