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Replica's GZDoom Guide 5: 3D mode and Unpegs.
« on: March 24, 2010, 01:23:14 PM »
It is finally that time! 3D Mode!

First if you haven't already, check out the previous guides starting with the first guide.

Not to continue, I fixed my Doom Builder 1, so I'll be using that from now on. First off, open your map we were working on, and begin by making a hall on the left side. First we want to make a 32X128 sector, which is parallel to the one on the right, then next we want to continue on by making a sector in front of that. (320x128)

Now we're going to build multiple 32x128 sectors within that.

Now that we've done that, not it is time to into 3D mode. (Before you do, make sure you read these instructions first!)

Here is a list of how to go in, out, and move in 3D mode. Press these Keys on your keyboard:

W - Enters and Exits 3D mode.
E - Moves forwards.
S - Moves left.
D - Moves down.
F - Moves to the right.
G - Adds Gravity

In order to move the floor and ceiling in the sectors we just created, we're going to use the scroll on the mouse. Scrolling up moves the sector up eight, and scrolling down moves the sector down eight. Lets make a stair case here, so what we're doing is going to move the floor up one, then the next up to, after that three, and so on. When you finish this, move the ceiling  to be 128 above the floor of the last stair, and then raise the rest to be the same height. (216) You may go ahead and do this now.
Here is what it should look like from the bottom sector:

Now go back into 3D mode, and right click the stair wall. (The one in the middle of the sector, that uses a bottom texture.) There should be a black box that appeared, and has textures in it. Look for "STEP02" and double click it. You can exit 3D mode and complete the rest of the stairs manually if you like.

Here's a few other things in 3D mode.

B - Turns on and off a continuous light so you can work in a dark room and see what you're doing.
R - Resets texture's offset or location
L - Lower Unpeg
U - Upper Unpeg
T - Allows you to see 'Things' as in objects in the game such as a flemoid.
I - Gives you Information on the Textures
Arrow keys - Moves the texture.
A - Aligns the textures.

Notice how in that picture the walls on the side's textures don't align? To fix this click 'A'. There are plenty of ways to do this differently. You can simply move the textures up, down, left, and right using the Arrow keys. Now it is time to talk about the unpegs. There are two, upper and lower; both of these align the texture to the sector's ceiling and floor. That means if Lower Unpegged is tagged, then the Bottom of the texture will be set on the ground, while if it is upper, the top of the texture is place on the top of the wall. This is used for ground shown, such as the floor popped out which misaligned the texture. Feel free to add Lower unpeg to the stairs. You can use both to align both ceiling and floor that are popping out of the normal heights. I'll explain that a little better later.

Here's a couple other things possible:

CTRL+Scroll - Changes light of the sector
Shift+Scroll - Changes heights by 1 instead of 8

Just for more detail, raise the sector at bottom of the stairs' ceiling up to 216, and edit the textures around that sector. You can also go ahead and change the first room's ceiling to 'CJFMINE1'

Well, congrats again! You learned 3D mode! Next guide is basic action Lindefs!
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