Author Topic: Replica's GZDoom Guide 6: Action Linedef basics, door, action flags, and tags.  (Read 2960 times)

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Another long pause; sorry about that. The sixth guide is finally created, and will contain the following:

- The working of linedefs.
- A door.

So, open up Doom Builder and the wad we are working on and let us continue.

We're going to create a door in the the room we begin at. See that useless sector that really has no meaning between the starting room and the hallway?

Lower the ceiling to '0', the same as the floor height. After doing that, make sure the linedefs face outwards. (The little line that sticks out of the line, and faces either up and down in this case. It is yellow in the Picture bellow.) (Use 'F' to make is face the right direction.)

Now, we are going to right click on the lines. (left click on both lines, then right click on one. This gets both lines highlighted.) A pop up should appear like this:

'1' is the action that takes place, so lets explore that. Click "Select action".

Scrolled down that and open the 'Door tab'. In there, you'll see a couple door actions. We want "-H Door Raise". Double click that. Now that that is done, you should appear back to the linedef action box in which we came from. Now move to 'Two', and open that tab. (The tab with activation next to it.) and open that. This is how the door will be activated. By bumping, shooting, or the player using a the use button.

We want player presses use, so click that. Now we move onto '3'. We don't need the tag for this current project, but it will be used for other reasons; which I will explain after we finish the door. Move onto movement speed, and make that 32. (The higher, the faster the door opens.) The opposite for close delay. In close delay we want to have a 128. The higher the number, the longer it takes for the door to close. NOTE: this does not mean the door will slowly close. Rather, this means it will take a certain amount of time, until the door closes at the 32 speed. Now, to finish this, move on to number '4'. The flags. This is also where the unpegs are. Let me explain fast...

Remember, these flags can be used for this linedef without actions too. They only work for the highlighted lindefs also.

Impassable - Cannot walk through. Best for glass, and required for lindefs that only have one side.
Block Monster - Player can walk through, but enemies cannot.
Doublesided - Surrounded by sectors on both sides. (You really shouldn't mess with this, unless you really need to.)
Upperunpegged - The top of the texture is aligned with the ceiling. (Note: You can still move it around, and up and down.)
Lowerunpegged - Same as Upper, only the bottom of the texture is aligned with the floor.
Secret - The line activates a secret. (As in you found a secret/hiden room, not secret action) You should use sector flags instead.
Blocks sound - Blocks the sound made surrounding it.
Hidden - Doesn't appear on the Player's map.
Shown - Appears on the Player's map from the beginning.
Repeating action - Can do this action multiple times. Such as open a door more then once.
Monster activates - The enemies activate this as well as the Player.
Blocks everything - Self explanatory.

Now, the only thing we want out of these flags is the repeatable action, so we can open the door continuously; so check that box, and click 'ok'.

Now from some touch ups to the door, to make it look acceptable. Change the textures of the door to "BIGDOOR1". Make sure this is the upper texture, because the middle texture will cover the space that you can walk through. If this doesn't make sense, try it out. Make sure to remove it though.

Now, move to the sides of the door. (I highlighted it in yellow...)

Click on both, and then right click. Here is another look at the tab if you're confused...

The flag we want is 'Lower unpegged.' Now change there texture to "COMPSTA1" and then click OK.

Now we're almost done. Move on to sector mode, and edit the sector of the door. Change the Floor to 'CJFMINE1', and the ceiling to 'CJFCOMM5'.

Congrats! We're done with the door! Make sure to save the map, and test it out. We're done with the map for this guide, but as I promised, we'll learn about Tags.

Tags are the connection between Linedefs and sectors. Sectors can have a tag applied to them, but Linedefs require the action '121'. That is usually used for identifying a line to use in scripts.

Now, in order to use a tag, you need an activator and a receiver. Lines are the activators, while sectors are the receiver. (Besides in a script, which can also use a line with action '121'.) Tags are used for things such as elevators, and opening doors far away from the switch opening it. For example, if we wanted to open the door we just made from a switch, we would instead create a line to be our switch, and add the door opening thing we wanted, only have the 'door tag' argument in what I listed as '3' in the picture to the same number of as the door sector's tag.

Well, that is it for this guide! Next we'll work on distant switches, and maybe even elevators! Make sure you save the wad!
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