Author Topic: What you need to play Chex Skulltag Pack Online (24/7 server available!)  (Read 2850 times)

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If you're looking for some multiplayer Chex Quest action, try my mod! It's currently hosted 24/7 on Canadian Bacon #10.  You do not need Doom 2 to play, everything you need to play is available for free.

If you have never used Skulltag before, here is what you need.

The Skulltag engine, which comes with Doomseeker:   - Install this first.

Chex3.wad:    - This is your IWAD. Put that in your Skulltag directory.

My .pk3 is posted on, so you don't need to download the PWAD. Wadseeker will find the resources you need automatically. Just be sure that you have the right version of Chex Quest 3

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Once you have Skulltag installed, and Chex3.wad in your Skulltag directory, open up DoomSeeker (its icon is a red letter 'D'). In the upper right of the window is a search box. Type in part of the name of server in that box (usually "Chex " is enough to make it the only server shown).

The entire server name is : |--]Canadian Bacon 2 |~=~||-no. 10-|---- Chex Skulltag Pack

You do not need a password to connect. Right now, this mod only has Zorchmatch (deathmatch) maps.

If you would like to see screenshots of this mod, see this topic:
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As we already have a pinned topic about CQ Online, I simply added all this info to the front page of it for the sake of organization. Check it out!

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