Author Topic: List of CQ-friendly source ports  (Read 1436 times)

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List of CQ-friendly source ports
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:30:09 PM »
I just now realized that, while we talk about source ports and things a lot (at least when it comes to modding), we don't have a definitive list to say "Hey, are you new?  Here's a list of our favorite source ports, or at least the ones we use."  I figured I'd compile a list of source ports, platforms they run on and some general features that they have.  I figured this would be the best place to post such a thing.  If I made any errors, or you have anything to add, feel free to say so.  Without further ado, the list:

Platforms: Windows, Linux
Features: It offers exactly what ZDoom has, with OpenGL for hardware acceleration and a few other things.  It stopped major development in 2010, and now just keeps its code up with the ZDoom codebase, for the most part.

Platforms: Windows, Linux
Features: Doom port with extended features for hardware acceleration, slopes, high resolution textures, custom features for mods (such as slopes and scrolling textures) and bugs from the original DooM or Chex Quest programs fixed.

Doom Legacy
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Features: One of the more legendary ports, Doom Legacy was the first port to offer OpenGL, floor-over-floor and swimmable water.  It was used in the legendary mod The Ultimate Chex Quest, which was the first attempt to bring all the Chex Quest games, in newly polished condition, into one file.  It was the go-to source port for a long time.

Chex Quest 3
Platforms: Windows
Features: This is a modified version of ZDoom to respect the original behavior of the flemoids.  This is an overall excellent source port, thanks to the combining of ZDoom features with original Chex Quest behavior, and comes bundled with all three Chex Quest games, in polished quality, with some of the original levels being dramatically improved and reimagined.

Chocolate Doom
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Features: Chocolate Doom seeks to be as close to the original "vanilla" doom client as possible, but with respect to modern systems.  It has support for original Chex Quest behavior.  Among it's features, it also includes the original bugs that Doom had, including the infamous "visplane error" that results in the game crashing when looking into a large room with lots of sectors in it.

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List of CQ-friendly source ports
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:30:09 PM »


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