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A Box of Chex Quest Wads
« on: December 18, 2012, 10:48:32 PM »
the box of chex quest wads - a short chex quest fiction by johnny bravo

it was a dark and rainy night and ok joe boe the chex comander was gotten back from his long fight in the front and for freedom against the evil flemoids that were gonna kill all the cereal men
he was a hard and turned cmomander and was a good fighter for chex freedoms in that he shot the flemoids with his zorches so that they could get zorched
and when flemoids are zorched they die no actualy they go back to wherever flemoids go when they are zorched so i dunno where that is but the place they go
when they are zorched is whererver they go when they are zorched ok im glad i cleared that up whew alright so the ocmmander (oops sry typo  :P) got back
and saw his familia they were very cool to him and his 6 suns and his 6 wives and he kissed everyone of them ho yea he also has 6 daughters so he kissed them
too and the kiss felt really good i mean it felt really really really really really good dude this was like the best kiss the commader ever gotten so he kissed
them even more and then he just wouldnt stop kissing them so his wifes got mad that he wasnt kissing them so they pulled out their zorch spray pepers and threatened
to use it so the commadner had to stop kissing hte daughters otherwise he would get sprayed with the zorch spary and that wouldnt be good because he would get
zorched and would go to wherever the flemoids go when they are zorched whevever that is i dunno maybe it is new jersey so yea he stopped kissing his daughters
and was sad so he went to his bedroom and went on his computer to get on (best site ever!!!   ;D :whale) and readed the shoutbox and saw the happy people
of cqff being happy so they were really happy and he wanted to be happy so he be'd like hte people on cqff so he can be happy even tho that is a post hoc
logical fallacy but nvmnd that this is a cool stroy and we cant have that nonesense really man oh btw english is my 10th language so excuse the bad spelling
man so yea he went to the projects thread to see all the cool zorch mods for chex quest so he could zorch the flemoids even better than he could already
zorrch the flemodis and that is better that zorching the flemoids normal yea so he looked at the projects but to his AMZEZ it is full of 10 year old kids
trying to make the chex mods but they fail because all they do is post an unoptimal idea for a wad that never is actively developed or worked on and yet
they beg for people to do all the work for them, and you dont see this in real life as an optimal game plan because it doesnt work although i guess they
will never get that so ill just go back to the comander was zorching the flemoids in the new mods and it was cool becuase it was cool and so yea
the zorch man zorched the zorch out of the flemoisd and they got zorched to wherever flemoids get zorched to werherver that is it may be zorhc island
innew jersery or maybe nebraska or new york who knows thats were all the hit pop cultres come from so yay he found a box and it was a box fill
of chex quest wads so he could zorch the felmoids and send them back to whereever they came from whever that it i dunno i already told u this like
3000 times omg so yea he had fun play the box of chex quest wads all the day so he played it until he passed away so his daughters and wives and suns
all ran away and got a real live somewhree else as a whaler for the pequod whaliing ship to zorch the flemoid whales in nebraska alrgith and it was a
sad but happy at the same time ending for the peace and prosperity of the jesus god syndacite amen.
john 3:16 : ""For God so loved the world that he gived his one and only Sun, that whoever believers in him shal not perish but have eternal life. "
im making a chex quest wad to and when is done ill post and people will see and liek!

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A Box of Chex Quest Wads
« on: December 18, 2012, 10:48:32 PM »

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Re: A Box of Chex Quest Wads
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2012, 01:57:31 PM »
Best story I've read on here. Bravo, Johnny Bravo. 10/10 Can't wait for the sequel dude.


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