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Forum Achievements
« on: May 14, 2015, 05:36:29 PM »
I have been hanging out on an achievement genrator site (, and I thought I would try making up some achievements for use here on the forum.

I was limited to using the icons available on the site, so there are no Chex Quest related achievements yet.  I was able to make up achievements for necromancy, spam, and whaleware from existing art however.

The achievements are uploaded to To use a achievement in your post, right click on it and select "Copy Image Location" (or whatever version is used by your browser), then insert the address as an image.

Don't forget to centre it.  It will look a lot better centred.

Awarded for awesomeness.

For calling out ... well ... you know.

Awarded to someone who has said something sad or depressing.

Awarded for saying something obvious (like this).

For no particular reason. I think I am entitled to this.

Awarded for saying something stupid.

I am not sure how useful this one is. Maybe awarded for winning an argument?

Awarded for flaming. Since flaming is against forum rules, it might only be awarded once.

Awarded for good ideas.

Self explanitory.

Awarded for reviving a topic more than three months after the last post.

Awarded to old school gamers.

For making a good statement.

Alternate version of above.

Awarded for starting a thread for a topic that already has a thread.

Indicates you are rejecting an idea. (I might change the name to "rejected".)

Alternate version of above.

Awarded for posting spam.

Indicates you are supporting an idea.

Alternate version of above.

Awarded for hateful, antisocial speech. Generally, this is an award someone gets shortly before being banned from the forum.

Alternate version of above.

Awarded to a person trolling the forum ... shortly before he gets banned.

Canada rocks! 'Nuff said.

Just because it is awesome.

More achievements need to be created, especially more Chex Quest related achievements.  You can help by going to the achievement generator site and making a few of your own.

I will try tyo add more achievements as I come up with them.

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Re: Forum Achievements
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2015, 06:17:48 PM »
I decided to make one, this is for all the admins out there.

Awarded for banning a member/members.
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