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I am getting a new hard drive


Hi I am getting I new hard drive for my dell insperion 15 and it is this
is it good and will it work?

Likely not. Since your putting in a laptop, your most likely going to need a 2.5" drive, at least according to the quick research I just did on the Dell Inspiron 15. Other than that, I don't believe there are very many restrictions. Also, don't buy from eBay.

Instead, here's Newegg's page with all of its laptop hard drives: You can find the same size/speed as you just linked for about the same price, possibly lower on there.

Thank you.

Sorry i didnt seem to be clear thats my fault. i have a 1tb hd that has a windows os that was for my comp i ended up getting a new one. what i want to do is run it so i have 2 1tb hd's in my computer.

My comp came with a re downloadable win7 os cd for my dell comp. the comp came with a 1tb hard drive and was getting a few issues with it so i went and bought a new one. i want to reformat the original so i can run two 1 tb hd's in the comp.


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