Author Topic: Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving  (Read 957 times)

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Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving
« on: October 12, 2015, 04:32:27 PM »
Today is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.  I know it is  a month earlier here than is is in the US, but we are farther north, and this is the harvest season here, so it makes more sense to have it now.

I just cast my vote at an advanced poll for the upcoming federal election earlier today.  I am going to be working at a poll on election day, so, ironically, I will be spending an entire day at a poll, but won't be able to vote, so I had to do it today.

For tonight's dinner, I have prepared a pie and a pot full of curried pumpkin soup with mushrooms, and if my sister is able to get hold of some hot cherry peppers for me, I will stuff them with cream cheese and pesto.  These will be added to the other items everyone else has brought, and the turkey, of course.


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