Author Topic: The Onion Predicted the Rise Of ISIS in 2003  (Read 1739 times)

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The Onion Predicted the Rise Of ISIS in 2003
« on: November 21, 2015, 11:41:03 AM »
I wandered into an article on Huffington Post last night pointing out that a spoof article post in the Onion in 2003 correctly predicted the current situation in the middle east.

The article is a satire where a reasonable person points out the possible future scenerio where in 10 - 15 years (from 2003) the west would be dealing with a destablized middle east where "a million bin Ladens will bloom", and a denier saying "No it won't.".  Here is the original article.

This hits home for me, because I remember at the time seeing many commentators making the exact same prediction on Canadian news stations here, and on BBC world, but not eeing anyone who would say it publicly on any news staitions in the US.  Instead, all I saw were predictions that the US would be seen as liberators and that the people would welcome the troops.  I also remember the backlash against Canada for not joining the invasion of Iraq, and I especially remember all the guff leveled against France when its government opted out of the invasion for exactly the same reasons.  I is rather sad that France is now the victim of the violence and instability it tried so hard to avoid over a decade ago.
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