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Re: Chex Quest HD!
« Reply #150 on: May 04, 2018, 06:33:46 PM »
How far has the project come? Is it ready for testing? I am going to guess not since, with a project as large as this one, testing by multiple users would be welcomed. But, since it seems that the intent is to recreate the games in their entirety (based on [at least, what I think that] I had read earlier in the thread) (possible confirmation:
Quote from: Chukker
It's getting close to something we could call beta (feature complete + content complete). The biggest outstanding elements right now are environment art (2 of 5 levels are mostly beautified, the others are in-progress) and animation for the intro/outro cinematics. There are still some significant bugs, especially with the save/load system, stat tracking and enemy AI/pathfinding. Kudos to forum members Datra and josepharaoh99, they have both made significant contributions over the last couple of months to getting the levels beautified.
) (which means the intro and outro videos for episode 1 and the victory scene for Invasion!), it makes sense that the game would not yet be ready.
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Re: Chex Quest HD!
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