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I'm switching back to GZDooM... :facepalm

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So, I'm still not using GZDoom, and I totally paid the price. I was playing TUCQ, and if you do it in plain ZDooM, there is a HORRIBLE bug where the keys are picked up, but the game can't tell, and you can't open key doors. So, DO NOT use TUCQ in ZDooM!

EDIT: GZDooM Git builds don't like TUCQ.

I remember this happening to me when I tried it with ZDooM, but why don't you use GZDooM? It has a lot more features than ZDooM, and most mods nowadays require it anyway. I can't run GZDooM with my current PC though, as GZDooM doesn't like Intel integrated graphics :(

Just found a major bug in GZDooM where most things are invisible. Stop breaking, OpenGL!

The key bug in TUCQ happened because Boingo's code had issues with duplicate Actor names, and he needed to add LOCKDEFS.

One thing that's very important for modders to remember is that all of the actors (for every zdoom supported game, Strife, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and Chex) are loaded by the engine, regardless of which IWAD you're using, and the engine doesn't know what to do when you create an actor with the exact same name as one that's already defined.

What he has in the latest release (this won't work, BlueCard is already defined in Doom)

--- Quote ---ACTOR BlueCard : DoomKey 5
  SpawnID 85
  Inventory.PickupMessage "Picked up a blue key."
  Inventory.Icon "STKEYS0"
    BKEY A 10
    BKEY B 10 Bright
--- End quote ---

What he needed to do:

--- Quote ---ACTOR TUCQBlueCard : ChexBlueCard 5
   Inventory.Icon "STKEYS0"
   Inventory.PickupMessage "Picked up a blue key"
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately at this point he probably needs to go through and check all of his actor names, to make sure that none of them conflict with any IWAD's actors; I ran into the exact same problem with Chex Pack early on.

I spent a bit of time helping Boingo out with this in IRC, hopefully he'll get this resolved soon.

Boingo the Clown:
What 75 said.

It's a pain to have everything that has worked up until now stop working in the latest version of GZDooM.

Try using an older version of GZDooM for now.  There will probably be a new release of T.U.C.Q. in a month or two.


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