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Chex Quest Newmaps - Won't Load

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Is anyone else having an issue running Chex Quest Newmaps on Windows 10? I was told to download the latest source port and it does work. However, the source port causes the Midi to not work. Some parts of the midi play while some do not upon looping. If I run the traditional Doom Legacy V. 1.43 it crashes on loading, stating, "signal handler segment violation."

"signal handler segment violation" is a more generic program exception, and likely has to do with the age of traditional Doom Legacy and running on newer hardware/software.

Newmaps itself is an older mod and hasn't been updated in sometime. The issue with Midi is also likely due to age, but this time the mod itself. I'd say best bet is to try the versions between latest and 1.43 until you find a balance.

Will Newmaps work on newer source ports like GZDooM?

I highly doubt it, but I'm not the expert on Legacy. Legacy and ZDoom used different formats for various things (in particular, I believe Legacy doesn't have DECORATE and instead uses DEHACKED to achieve something similar. Don't quote me on details, I never looked into the specifics of Legacy).

No, Newmaps used so many Legacy-specific tips and hacks it's not even funny. GZDoom is right out.

I am able to run 1.42 perfectly on my Win10 setup, so I don't understand why you would be getting segfaults. See, the problem with those is it's such a generic error that could mean just about anything. Hard to pin down what the exact cause is.

Here's a thing: try to start 1.42 in software mode. You'll get some issues with rendering some of my stuff, but I'm interested to see if it will get past the segfault.


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