Author Topic: Does anybody have Chex Quest : Generation Two Release 9?  (Read 955 times)

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Does anybody have Chex Quest : Generation Two Release 9?
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:50:40 PM »
I've been trying to find Release 9 of Chex Quest: Generation 2, do any of you happen to have the file on your hard drives somewhere?

According to Slime's release topic, this version of the mod was released July 18th, 2009, unfortunately the mediafire link is dead, and doesn't seem to have it.

The file name would be just "Generation 2.wad", the zip file would probably be something like "Generation 2 Release".

I found release 8 but not release 9, I made a topic about it in the project's old subforum here:

E1M1 of the mod looks something like this:


Confusingly there's another mod with almost the exact same name (The New Chex Quest: Generation 2), that's not the mod I'm referring to here, luckily I was able to find the latest version of that one and back it up.
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Re: Does anybody have Chex Quest : Generation Two Release 9?
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 08:37:58 PM »
This looks familiar. I might have it, but I don't know if I can find it again. I'll check and see.
EDIT: I checked the only folder I can still access where I might have CQ wads, and unfortunately it wasn't there. :/
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