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Chex Quest on Kindle Fire (1st gen)

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I have a 1st gen Kindle Fire, but am having trouble finding a good source port that supports Android 2.3.4 and doesn't just crash on startup. Any thoughts?

The only mobile device I had a couple years ago was a 1st gen kindle fire, and this time was also when I was very active on the forums and with CQ in general, so I attempted this exact thing a couple times and could never get it to work, because I don't think there are any good working doom sourceports for the kindle fire (especially not on the built-in OS's app store.) Either way, you could probably just get a cheap android tablet that can run one of the many modern doom sourceports for android and use that instead.

My brother has the Android SDK on his PC, so over my next break I could try and compile GZDoom for the Kindle and post the APK if it works. I don't really want to install it on mine because it's rather old.

IDK if it'll work on a 1st gen kindle fire, but GZDooM for android does exist:

Perhaps ZDoom would be better. I guess I'll find out this Easter.


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