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Since Chucker requested it, its here! ;D

If anyone finds something post it here in this topic.

EDIT: The list was removed because it was out dated and most of the issues have been fixed.

EDIT: Remember, when you're taking screenshots, don't forget to type KIMHYERS (for chex3.exe) or IDMYPOS (for other engines) so the coordinates of where you are are shown on the screenshot! This really helps Chukker find stuff. -Manny Cav

EDIT: I'm posting the main list here in the first post so it can be easily found. -Manny Cav

* The "mikekoenigs" and "scottholman" cheats are reversed.
* The "sherrill" cheat doesn't seem to work.
* Not a Chex Quest 3 bug per se, but the source at seems to have a few hiccups. The standard Windows Extractor stopped extracting as soon as it encountered an error, and WinRAR and 7-Zip showed the following errors with a more complete package:

--- Quote from: WinRAR: Diagnostic messages ---!   C:\ CRC failed in chex3_zdoom\chex3.ncb. The file is corrupt
!   C:\ CRC failed in chex3_zdoom\src\p_lights.cpp. The file is corrupt
!   C:\ CRC failed in chex3_zdoom\tools\fmodapi375win\documentation\FMOD.chm. The file is corrupt

--- End quote ---

* Rather than replace the current set of IFOG spirtes, you added a new set, which means there are two IFOGA0s, IFOGB0s, etc.
* E1M4: The switch at the end of the level seems to be hard to activate sometimes.
* E1M5: If you compare the original chex.wad E1M5 to the current one, you'll notice that a LAZ Device is missing in the hidden slime area near the Flembrane. It currently contains four BWAs and a Super Chex Armor.
* E2M1: The elevator near the beginning of the level that leads to the region with the red key exhibits unusual behavior. You can't use it from the bottom area, but you can goad a Flemoid into stepping onto it, which will lower it. However, this works only once. Once a Flemoid or the player has used the lift once, it can't be lowered again.
* E2M3: The large building structure you made doesn't render well as long distances, such as when viewed near the exit in the maze. It tends to move around in 'bands.'

* E2M5: At X: 102, Y: -2171, Z: 30, the door near the elevator with the bowl of fruit isn't marked in some fashion as a door on the side with the bowl of fruit.
* E2M5: The two trap doors near the red key door can be opened manually by Flemoids. This most notably affected the first one, where, sometimes, the door will be open by the time the player gets to it, rendering the trap moot. The trap doors in the maze containing the red key also seem to exhibit this behavior.
* E3M4: Two rendering anomalies can be found in the screenshot uploaded here. There's a strange strand of texture going up to the top of the screen, and the tree nearest to the left edge is also too close to the rock wall, causing it to be clipped. It needs to be a little farther out.

* E3M5: Misaligned tracks (tracks that appear to have improper horizontal offsets) on doors can be found throughout the level.
* Not a Chex Quest 3 bug per se, but the two Doom Builder configuration files you made have some slight inconsistencies. There's a hyphen in "Mini-Zorch Pack," which causes an error in the order. "Propulsor Zorch Pack" and "Propulsor Zorch Recharge" both have the "Propulsor" and "Zorch" out of order. "Zorchpack" is also spelled "Zorchpak" in Chex Quest nomenclature. "Bootspork" is actually called "Super Bootspork." "Slime Repellant" should be "Slime Repellent." "Slime-Proof Suit" should be "Slimeproof Suit." "Computer map" should be "Computer Area Map." "Slimey Urn" should be "Slimy Urn" (though it's worthy of note that "Super Slimey" is also misspelled). "Stalagtite" should be "Stalactite." I know that's a lot, but I have found myself using the Doom Builder 1 configuration file regularly, and some of those throw me off a bit and make things a bit more complicated.

oh dang...><

well, I got some after I decided to play through...its a slight inacurate, and a bit technical, but oh well...

--- Code: ---E1M1:
-Big Blue Room: IFoC floor contains thin cross in it
-Big Blue Room: cabinets are missing end textures
-Intersection off of Blue Room: Light flat is off

Sounds are off from original version

-Refrigeration Storage: Lift caution signs awkward
-Refrigeration Storage: Secret teleporter switches backwards
-Left yellow teleporter: wrong flat
-DC Room: DC logo has thin cross in it

-first room: ceiling above lockers is wrong flat
-first room: light flat off
-water pool room: glass cabinet sidedef too long for linedef
-room oposite first blue door: left walls wrong textures
-room oposite first blue door: table textures misaligned
-room containing yellow key: door sidedef wrong

-large room with water pool and wall tanks: doors wrong texture
-large room with water pool and wall tanks: cabinet ends wrong texture

--- End code ---

Take note! I am planning to compile a very Technical list when I get the chance in the form of "MAP ExMx:Linedef xxx/Sector xxx"

Thanks for doing this, fellas. I have knocked out many of the bugs, but the CYBRE1 sprite bug I am not able to reproduce. Could somebody post a screen of the error?

The Green Avenger:
The bug is that there is no CYBRE1 sprite, at least in the version you gave us.

still works for me no errors...


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