Chex Quest: Ragnarok Beta 1.1 (REUPLOAD)
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Description:  All of the maps for the First Episode + E2M1 - Only missing title patches, so prepare to see the word Arboretum a lot.

Story: 100 years after what was thought to be the Flemoids' Last Attempt of an Invasion, the Flemoids return to Ralston to wreak havoc on the Cereal Population. The Flemoids have not only taken over the Capital of Ralston, Frumentum, but the Flemoids have also taken control of the IFOC Space Satellite, which transmits mayday/emergency signals to other cereal-inhabited planets, leaving Ralston to fight for itself in an all out war. The Flemoids have evolved slightly and are much more powerful than before. You will play as (This name is yet to be determined XD). You and the Chex Warrior Army must repel the Flemoids from Ralston and restore The IFOC Satellite before the Flemoids plunder Ralston of all of it's nutrients and minerals.
 To do this, you must venture far below undeground and destroy the Nest: An area that speeds up the Flemoid Reproduction. Then you must travel to the IFOC Satellite and zorch all of the flemoids and get the Satellite working. You will then later pickup a Zorch Nuke from a laboratory, and finally, you will have to face the Mastermind himself and detonate the Zorch Nuke near all of the Flemoid Nests.
Keywords: chex, mod, fanmade, project, singleplayer 
Posted by: TheUnbeholden February 23, 2014, 05:53:46 AM

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