Author Topic: Format CD to work in 95?  (Read 1369 times)

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Format CD to work in 95?
« on: October 20, 2008, 09:40:04 PM »
I have here an older style CD-RW...says 650 megs instead of 700 like the newer ones...but I used it alot with my 95 PC, then my 98, then some with my XP, but I didn't like the style of data transfer. CDFS, it seems, requires a full burn everytime you want to transfer data. FAT16/32 didn't, I just had to drag, drop, and go. I have a few updates and installs for 95 on my XP (Fury3, Office 4, VBRUN***.DLL, ect), and I dont have a USB port on this 95 pc (I could get a card, but I'm not feeling up to paying money for it). No floppy drive (its 60 megs, do I even wanna go there?!), and a CD should be sufficent. A RW is better, cuz I dont gotta worry about all the one time use. BUT...It seems 95 doesn't wanna use CDFS. On a blank CD-R, it said a capacity of 452megs and no freespace. On a written RW, it acted as though nothing was in the drive.

I have Works 2 on there already, but Office 4 would be VERY welcome. And I got a joystick now, so Fury 3 should play better, and I'd like to try it! So, if anyone knows how to format CDs in FAT16, or another way to get the data over (NO INTERNET, NO SERIAL).

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