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iPod dock controler
« on: February 02, 2009, 12:36:32 AM »
Hey gaiz, anyon wanna help a bro out?

I have a 2nd Gen iPod Mini, fine in all aspects. The iPod just had a bad battery, which was fixed by upgrading firmware and removing the battery and then replacing it. Well, I wasn't paying attention and did 2 things...

I disconnected the top board from the mainboard the WRONG way...this just took out my hold switch, the remote port, and the headphone jack. this is bearable, as I can just use it in a dock or something.

BUT, the real killer is the click wheel. they said "MAKE SURE YOU UNPLUG THIS", and me being stupid just yanked it out...severing 3 connections on the click wheel ribbon (OOPS).

the top part (as I said) is fine. I can deal with that. but the click wheel is indispensable. I've seen controls that go through the dock connector that do all click wheel functions. If someone can help me out on that end, I can find other guides to doing stuff like 9v battery charging and an auxiliary headphone jack (all comming from old electronics around my house). the controller, tho...I dont have anything except simple stuff...basically, I need something to emulate the buttons AND the spinning input.

PLZ help, gaiz///
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