Author Topic: How to make 3d floors in zDoom/Gzdoom/Zandronum  (Read 7482 times)

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How to make 3d floors in zDoom/Gzdoom/Zandronum
« on: June 19, 2010, 03:05:18 AM »
Note: if you use GzDoomBuilder you will be able to see 3d floors in visual mode!

You will need to make your map in HEXEN or UDMF format to use 3d floors.  Other map formats do not support 3d floors.

Let's start out simple. Start a new wad and put some sectors in it. I put a sector in the middle of a smaller sector to make it easier to see the 3d floor. These two sectors have a floor,ceiling height of (0,256). The control sector's height will be changed in the next step.

Give that sector in the center a tag of 1.

Next, let's format the control sector. It will determine the size and textures of our 3d floor.

NOTE: The brightness of the control sector in this picture is wrong, I later changed it to 100.

Imagine taking that sector, filling it with cement, and dragging it to the sector we just tagged, without changing the height. That's kind of what we're doing here.

The floor flat of this texture is applied to the bottom of the 3d floor, and the ceiling flat is applied to the top. The brightness of the control sector will be the brightness below the 3d floor. The brightness of the sector it's put in will be the brightness ABOVE the 3d floor.

If this is hard to visualize, check out the wad I've included.

The sector it will be placed in has a height of  0 to 256. the 3d floor will have a thickness of 20 and float 80 units above the ground

In 3d mode...

Now we need to put a linedef action on that control sector. Linedef Action 160 (Sector 3d floor) tells Gzdoom to use the sector adjacent to the linedef as a model for a 3d floor in all sectors with a tag given in "sector tag"

It has four parameters.

1. Sector tag. Specifies which sector to apply the 3d floor to.  NOTE: The control sector does not need a specific tag for this to work.

2. Type: There are 7 types, I've only used two; solid and swimmable. A solid type is one that acts like a solid wall or platform. Players can stand on it.

3. Flags. I haven't used these, look at this if you're interested.

4. Alpha. Sets the translucency of the 3d floor. 0 is totally invisible, and 255 is completely opaque. 200 is good for water or slime.

5. Hi-tag. I've never had a need to use this, see

now you're all set.

A few notes...

- Make sure you set the alpha. It defaults to zero, which is completely invisible
-The control sector can be modified in any way you would modify a regular sector. You can change its floor or ceiling height, slope it, or give it a different color. Most 3d water sectors use Sector_SetColor to make the water look blue when you're in it. With a bit of creativity, you can do almost anything you could do with normal sectors with 3d sectors.
        *Sloped sectors cannot be translucent

Uses of 3d floors

-buildings that are shorter than the sky

-Multi-story buildings (3d floors can be stacked). Yes, they can have doors. No, you can't use the old "door generic action" to do it correctly. I'll let you figure that out.  ;)

-swimmable water
-Real elevators

- zDoom 2.6.0 and Zandronum 1.0 or higher support 3d models in software mode. Zdaemon, odamex, pr/glboom, and vanilla doom do not support 3d floors at all

-Line horizon. There is no way I know of to apply line horizon to a 3d floor, which would be nifty for 3d swimmable beaches into an ocean.


NOTE: The map shown is MAP01. It should work with any IWAD, for the examples I used Slimeinator's IWAD, Doom2.wad or Free Doom 2 will work too; really the iwad doesn't matter that much, it will just look different.



Mediafire mirror:

Pictures [zipped in case photobucket disappears]:


mediafire mirror:
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Re: How to make 3d floors in Gzdoom
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2010, 09:01:06 AM »
Thank you!  ;D I now understand how to use 3d Floors. Now to put it to the test.


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Re: How to make 3d floors in Gzdoom
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2010, 04:48:43 AM »
Good Job on this tutorial 75!  :whale


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