Author Topic: HP computer gets BIOHD-1 error, even with the hard drive connected.  (Read 12791 times)

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So, my computer's worked great for about a year.  Then, last week, it wouldn't display to the monitor or boot up any more, but that got fixed when me and my brother removed, cleaned, and put the RAM back in.  Today, it was going really slow, and when I had to hard-reset it, it wouldn't get past the boot screen.  I then did the card-slot fix (thanks, HP, for making your card-slot firmware make the computer not work) and that worked for about ten minutes before the computer froze again.  Now, it doesn't start windows any more, and when I did a diagnostics check from the boot menu, it came back with a BIOHD-1 error for my hard drive which means that it can't detect it, naturally followed by a BIOHD-3 on the BIOS, meaning that it can't find any bootable devices.  Does anyone know of a way to fix this, or is my hard drive just ruined?

HDD: Western Digital, not sure how big
proc: AMD Phenom 9550 quad-core
RAM: 2 2GB cards, 2 1GB cards, totaling 6 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9100
OS: Vista 64 Home Premium
Brand: HP
Monitor: HP 1600x900 with integrated speakers
boot screen: that one with the hand making objects magically float towards the HP cult symbol

UPDATE: it seems to be (more or less) reading the hard drive now, but it runs extremely slow, and anytime I choose startup repair it will start the windows loading screen, and then freeze for a long time, followed by a BSOD.  I've tried reverting to only one RAM card to see if that would help, but it doesn't help any.  Also, the computer randomly decides whether or not it wants to get past the boot screen, so I keep having to switch between the card slot being in and out of the computer to see which one works for the given moment.
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