Author Topic: HP frozen during spontaneous restore  (Read 1069 times)

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HP frozen during spontaneous restore
« on: September 26, 2010, 05:31:03 PM »
Alright, its an HP Pavilion a1210n, running some unknown version of Windows XP (but by the bootscreen, its SP2 or SP3). Its an AMD + integrated ATI graphics setup, and I currently only have the basics (screen, speakers, ps/2 keyboard and mouse) connected. I get a call from a lady at church who says her harddrive was going out or something, but brings to to me today, saying that they went to turn it off the other night, and woke up to it in the beginning of the XP setup process (like asking their time zone and language and stuff). They got suggested to get it to a computer shop or something, so she got it to me.

Well, I popped the HDD in my SKWD'09 to see what was going on, and all of her files are intact. If I could stop the setup process, it has all her programs, her pictures and documents, everything all in their right places. It just seems that it randomly initiated an XP setup. I've always used the IT version of SP3, so I don't know how the Windows Update version looks. So, I put it back in the computer and decided to see if I could finish the setup. I get to the part where it asks for the computer name, and I put in a generic name and description, and hit then freezes and does nothing. Also something to note, some notice thing comes up mentioning what appears to be Symantec and tells me stuff like the Virtual Device Driver couldn't be initiated. Also said it was looking for a file off the XP CDROM (though this was from the harddrive, somehow), and I can't get it to go any further.

I'd like to back all her stuff up and reload windows, then put all her stuff back, but she's got Office 2007 (My only install CD has just been shut down), and alot of other stuff on there, too much for my limited free space (out of 200, she's got about 100 used). So I can't pull a comprehensive backup, just the basics, and I've had more than one person lose something because I didn't have enough space to save it all.

SO! Anyone know how to bypass this step, or even stop the setup from going on?

And for some TL;DR, here's the play by play:

Computer mysteriously enters XP setup. All personal files intact. XP setup has errors finding files and can't initiate Virtual Device Drivers. Setup freezes on Computer Name screen, can't continue. Googled for fix, attempted to load setup in VGA mode, no success. Don't have enough space for full backup of drive, nor do I have a good license of XP or Office '07 around, recovery of current install is imperative.
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